Oh Body of Christ: By Rev. Victor Atokolo

Oh Body of Christ:

stand with me against the onslaught of darkness, lest I falter;

pray with me when I’m pressured, lest I be overwhelmed;

be loyal to me when men assault me, lest I loose heart;

cheer me when I succeed, lest I loose courage to strive further;

rejoice with me when i rejoice, lest i feel unloved;

mourn with me when i mourn, lest i feel uncared for;

help me when i need help, lest i be stranded; BUT ALSO:

resist me when I am lifted up with pride, lest I be destroyed;

rebuke me when I rebel, lest I perish;

confront me when I preach heresy, lest I take it for granted and think I am right;

wail b4 God for me when I sin, lest I sink into darkness;

oppose me when I turn against God, lest I be dammed.

I need you my fathers, my friends, my sons and daughters.

The road may be rough, but we are tough.

We can brave these challenges together: a hostile economy, hostile legislations, a hostile press, the scourge of human tongues. …

We can brave them all and win, coz we are the Body of Christ.

The woman is as important as the man.

The preacher is as important as the layman. The small man is as important as the big man. We are the Body of Christ.

Let’s not be distracted.

Perilous times are here.

But our banner is lifted high.

Yes, when the dust of battles finally settle, we will still be standing tall, unfettered, victorious!!

Oh Body of Christ, I love you, and I will for all eternity.

You’re the best thing earth has seen since Eden.

Evergreen as the palm by the riverside.

Fresh as the summer wind.

I’m forever proud to be of you.

Long live the Body of Christ!!!



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Welcome to the official website of Emmanuel Stephen

Emmanuel is an outstanding Praise and Worship Leader,
 and a Songwriter, presently based in the United Kingdom

Emmanuel is currently working on his musical  Album project Titled “JESUS” and has released a New Single Track titled “HE REIGNS” on the 10th of July 2017 available on all digital  Platforms worldwide.
Emmanuel will be ministering at some events across the UK to promote his musical project.

Info at Event

Emmanuel Stephen is popularly known for His prolific husky vocal Tone.
 Born in Lagos Nigeria to a Nigerian Parent from Benue State
As a young child growing up at the Assemblies of God Church he Started singing specials numbers in the church at the age of 7 where his late father was a deacon in the church committee board.

He forged ahead since 2000 to become an excellent Praise and Worship Leader and a music Director in Many RCCG Churches. To mention a few Desire of nations Province, Abuja Nigeria, under the leadership of Pastor Kunle Omotoso, who is currently based in Brooklyn USA.

This gave him the needed inspiration to see the bigger picture. By 2006 he released his first music Album titled “Strange Love”
His unique and courageous charisma on the stage during Praise and Worship had caught the attention and interest of many local churches and senior gospel Artists

Emmanuel is indeed is a great gift to the body of Christ, and  perhaps one of Nigeria’s Finest Praise and Worship Leader
Singing for more than 22years of active performance experience, his unique vocal dexterity has seen him work with many Musicians such as Asu Ekiye,
Pst Kingsley Ike, Big Bolaji Olarewaju, Samsong, Pst Moji Alawiye, and many more

He graduated with a Masters Degree in Project Management From Salford Business School Manchester United Kingdom,
And a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Ambrose Alli University Nigeria
With a successful Real estate firm Rehoboth Realtors in Abuja, Nigeria.

His Love for God and passion for music is unparalleled
Married to Dr. Christiana and they are blessed with four Lovely Children
Michelle, Davian, Derrick, and Deitrich.

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