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~Kenneth Erwin Hagin “Kingdom Authority Series”

In my early years of ministry, l started deliverance meetings on every Saturday and in all my sincerity l wanted to help those people. We had every kind of manifestation you could think of and a lot you shouldn’t have thought of. I’m talking about physical manifestations. We had every kind of operation. Some were the spirit of God , some were evil spirits and some were just the flesh.

After about 3 months, the novelty of the deliverance service wore off. Then l decided to change the name of it and call it something else and in all sincerity l was trying to help the people. Instead of calling it deliverance meetings l started calling it “Get free services “. And everybody that came to be delivered now came to get free and after about 3 months that also wore off.

In all sincerity, l was trying to help the people and that is why God blessed it not because of it but inspite of it . Then l began to have “loosening services”. And everybody that came to get delivered and came to get free, the same people came to get loosened. We had been running this deliverance services , get free services and loosening services for nine months.

Now, you learn a lot when you live with the people and so I will visit them in their homes and their farms since half of them were farmers and talk with them. I found out something as l talked to them and l was so disappointed. That after all these deliverance meetings, Get free meetings, loosening meetings and all these manifestations we had people walking on their heads and those walking on the ceiling. If there were more delivered or more freed or or more loosened than there were nine months before, l couldn’t tell it.

I was honest enough to admit that they weren’t better off. The only improvement was that they had hollered a little more and jumped a little more and that seem not to have helped them much.

I was desperate about it because l wanted to see a change in the lives of the brethren so l went to the Lord in prayer and fasting. I said to the Lord: “ Lord this is not working and in all sincerity l thought l was right so it ought to work and l want to help the dear people but l know we have missed it somewhere because this is not working and these people are not delivered or set free or loosened . What’s the trouble Lord?”.

Then on the third day of my fast the Lord spoke to me . He said “ Your problem is that you have tried to do for the people what only my word will do. Secondly, you have tried to do through prayer what only my word will do. Prayer is important but prayer will not and cannot take the place of my word. I said in my word you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Start teaching them my word and my word in the final analysis will make them free. You see breathing cannot take the place of eating. You have to breathe to be alive. I call prayer *_the breathing_* and the word *_the eating_* . But the breathing after awhile will not work if you are not eating.

So I started teaching them the word and those same people that went through the deliverance services, the get free services and the loosening services permanently got delivered, permanently freed and permanently loosened.

~Kenneth Erwin Hagin

Culled from the tape “Kingdom Authority Series”

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