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Iam not against tithing.. I tithe because i have a better understanding of it and do it with love.. Not because am afraid.. Nope, (perfect love cast out fear. 1 Jn 4:18) or that i need blessing.. Nope, (am already the blessed Eph 1:3) nor because i need the windows of heaven opened to me. Nope, Christ is my head and am a member of His body so am naturally operating under OPENED HEAVENS. Mt 3:16 because the heaven is opened to my Head, Christ… Is it possible for rain to fall only on your head and leave out your body? Christ is our Head..

Tithing alone is not a biblical guarantee of victory or prosperity.. Nope, only LOVE is

Jesus never taught about tithe.. He taught a lot about Love and set it as a foundation for true victory.

Apostle Paul never taught about Tithe.. He taught instead superfluously and extensively on LOVE

“For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision AVAILS ANYTHING, but faith working through LOVE”

– Galatians 5:6

If you’re therefore tithing, but not walking in love, it’s a complete waste of resources and time enriching only your denomination but not heaven and certainly not yourself..

In I Cor 13:2, the Bible says tithing without love makes you NOTHING and profits you NOTHING..

Love is kind, compassionate, does no ill to it’s neighour, does not rejoice in evil.. Love respects the law of the land, does not beat traffic lights, rigs or celebrate those who rig elections etc. 1Cor13:4-7.

Unless you make this your moto in life, you will be engaging in constant unprofitable 30 days fast every year.. I Cor13:2

May God forbid it..

But God doesn’t respect the tithe of a man who isn’t walking in love.. Just note that God isn’t a Sunday morning tithe collector who is ready to punish defaulters with losses, accidents etc..

Our loving God is too loving to be so caricatured.. God forbid.!

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