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Emmanuel Stephen Where are You?


Hello friends,

Some of you must have been wondering where is Emmanuel Stephen?
what happened to the regular post we usually get from him? and the list of questions goes on and on…….
well, your answers are all here now…..

First and foremost I’m very sorry for not informing you all that i will be away for awhile.
secondly i have been working on my new musical project. yes music… “You sing also” ?
Yes I do. I’m a Psalmist, who loves Worshipping and Praising the Lord at all time.

Anyway I have good news friends, my Music Single will be officially released
on the 10th of July, and its Titled “HE REIGNS”.
It will be available for download at all major online stores.


This particular song is unique and will bring Refreshing and healing into your life.
I remember several years ago 2006 to be precise, when i was at a cross road and defining moment of my life.
I was asking the lord so many questions, then I said, “Lord if you say you are who you are, the God of my Fathers, then show your self strong. Proof to me you’re that same God and you’ve not changed.”

And in the place of prayer God responded back to me with this words.
Then I took a pen and began to write the following words.

I Reign over all the leaders of the earth
Proclaim me King in every Nation
From the rising of the sun to the setting of the Same
Let my name be praised
Let the hills and mountains
Burst into sound
For there’s victory in the blood of the Lamb
For the lord God almighty reign
He reigns in victory
Let the earth proclaim me king

After that day, my whole life changed. I wasn’t the same again.
I began to move from glory to glory, victory to victory, and strength to Strength.
with Amazing testimonies and uncommon results, till this day.
Glory to God.

I don’t know what cross road you’re in, but I know that God Reigns Over Everything. Including all your concerns. proverbs 3:5 says Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. when you do that, He will give your life a glorious meaning.

Precious friends, please pray with me, that the knowledge and saving grace of our lord Jesus Christ will be revealed to the world, through this song and lives transformed.

God bless You

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